Archive 2006 – 2008

November 2006, The first edition of the festival, read about preparations, concepts and reports. Due to the passing of time, some links on that page don’t work anymore.

February 2007 saw the second edition. Read the complete program and some revised conceptual ideas.

August 2007 (1 + 2), was for the third edition. I asked for mini-sponsors, and a place in second life.

In 2008, the festival went on a one – year- mode. My reports became more elaborate and personal.Unfortunately I couldn’t keep up with all the episodes. Maybe the ones I didn’t write about will enter my future writings.

part 1,

Between Natura Morta and Lanterna Magica,

The American Trauma

The Tao of Sound

Through the Mazes of the Map

Tuned Citizens

Barack Obama’s Imaginary Concert

The Pavement Tapes

Ancient Life

Halfway through the Year of the Rat

Harold Schellinx has been a guest to the festival on several occasions. He performed, exhibited and reported in. The complete selection of his writings dedicated to the “das kleine” can be found on his SoundBlog.


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