6. February, Midwinter Edition

On the 6th of February the das kleine field recordings festival will come to Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. Baruch Gottlieb, whose performance almost exactly one year ago was considered as one of the best field recordings concerts ever seen, will come back again. While last years performance was an exploration and growingly hilarious account on the various sounds Korean Street Vendors used to atract clients, it could happen that this evenings performance concentrates on Swiss Cows.

The last part of the evening will bring a very unusual trio. In fact this is a dkfrf special. See it here, or never again. Paulo Raposo, murmer and John Grzinich will perform a partly acoustic set. Murmer and John Grzinich belong to a faction of field recorders who use nature as their concert hall. Inspired by the transposition of sound caused by headphone listening, they don’t remain motionless and silent. They add sounds and use the environment’s acoustics as a framework.

This evenimg might offer a kind of expedition. Helped by objects that constitute a memory, a new audio field will be created by murmer and John Grzinich. Both have the magic capability to transcend such moments to a sublime level. It is here in the heavens of concrete abstractness that they will meet Paulo Raposo. His spontaneous compositions will unite it all.

The evening will be opened by Matteo Marangoni. His recordings are made in Florence, a city with peculiar acoustic ‘islands’ ,and in The Hague, where he actually resides and studies.

6. February start 21.12 ends 23.30

Baruch Gottlieb

Paulo Raposo/murmer/John Grzinich

Matteo Marangoni

studio k77

Kastanienallee 772nd courtyard/2nd floor

U Eberswalder Strasse/ Tram Schwedter Strasse

please note, visitors have to take of their shoes, it is a shiny wooden dance floor you will sit on.


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