8. January – A new Edition in Berlin

Satoshi Morita presents Klanghelm/Sonic Helmet and the composition “40° 55′ 5″ N, 8° 3′ 36″ W” – short version (4’07). He will also lecture on the practical use of his recordings and about the Nodar Residencies, where Klanghelm/Sonic Helmet was conceived.

Dj Dog will make a collage of the sounds of Stray Dogs.

Kate Donovan and Ryan Hardman will prepare an exclusive show for this evening. I quote from Harsmedia: “.…. and one of the highlights: Kate Donovan and Ryan Hardman’s wondrous and meticulous ‘shadow’ plays (Twilight Claps and Thunders), projected from the depths within onto the window of a cabin; short and highly intriguing scenes that to me somehow felt like Japanese …” I have seen this show as well, and was pleasanty surprised by the high quality of their work; to me it was the one and only highlight, leaving all others way behind: international standard!

Will Gresson will use tape recorders and recordings from New Zealand, Venice and Scotland.

Anton Mobin brings hydrophones and tapes.

More complete information will follow soon.

8.January, starts 20.30


Flughafenstrasse 38

U8 Boddinstrasse U7 Rathaus Neukölln


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