Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival is basically a neu budget event in which field recordings in all its forms of artistic expressions are presented. Performing artists are told to include at least 80% field recordings after the effects in their live presentations. This rule is made to avoid electro-acousticism or other highly processed compositions. I am not opposed to such kind of proceedings. But there are enough venues and festivals where these kind of compositions are presented regularly.

Through discussions with the field recorders I know there is different approaches. I have tried to come up with a definition to make my position clear. Field recordings are recordings made outside a studio with the intention to use them in a composition. So why not give space to the processors and E/A musicians? Well, because I actually want to hear those recordings.

The das kleine field recordings festival started in November 2007. It takes place when I feel like organizing it. Thanks to an ever growing number of participants and venues a virtual festival ground has come into existence. Artists and visitors alike carry the memory of past episodes and contribute to the loose and very attentive atmosphere during the performances.

Since the year 2009 the dkfrf is also organized outside Berlin.

Berlin, 28 June 2009

Rinus van Alebeek


8 responses to “About

  1. Rinus,

    This is Rob from Australia, I played at the festival at Stralau 68 in August 2007. Just wondering if you still have the recording that was made of my performance? Might have left it a bit late, ha.

    hope this finds you well,


    • hi rob,

      i don’t know who recorded it,

      and i also cannot remember exactly on what night you performed
      one of them memorable for the great performances by gilles aubry björn erikson and the hwem namenlos soundsystem
      the other one because of michael peters, mattin and the origami duo (remember the floating double bass sounds…)

      greets to australia,
      and thanks for remembering…


  2. Rinus,

    Yea I supported Mattin at Stralau 68 – with the black sunglasses, drunken german and mic feedback, ha !

    I found this recently, you wrote a nice review (and admitted you didn’t understand my accent ;)) http://kleine-frf.blogspot.com/2007/08/18-august-stralau-68-berlin.html

    Thanks for the gig by the way, was a very memorable night, my first week in Berlin – a few things happened there that set off a remarkable chain of events.

    You did actually give me the email of someone who recorded it that I may still have lying around somewhere. Perhaps I will look for it again.



  3. An email address on a piece of paper that still might be around after two years time?

    can you send a recording of your room some day?
    : )

    but please pass by again once you are in berlin,



    or maybe someone wants to set up an australian episode of the dkfrf?
    wait for news to come on upcoming episodes

  4. hi rinus

    i would like to know how it s possible to contact you

    all the best

    aymeric de tapol

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