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19. June Tales for Tapes – The Analogue Edition

Before the advent of internet I used to send, but also receive a lot of postcards. I kept those cards on a visible place until I decided to throw out the anchor and store them in a shoe box. One attraction of the postcard is the immediate satisfaction combined with a rush of excitement: it managed to define a moment in time, as a kind of snapshot.

Today twitter seems to have replaced the postcard. But not only. Handheld recording machines and mobile phones are more and more used to send out audio postcards. Maps and netlabels are flourishing all over the web. Mostly these recordings are tagged ‘field recrdings’ but are they?

In this article Schoenberg has some words for the radio. With a bit of malicious pleasure one could replace ‘radio’ with ‘handheld recording devices.’ It is easy to imagine how a new generation of recordists present their work in a performance: with a laptop.

In the previous editions of dkfrf I had numerous artists playing their work from a laptop. In those days these artists presented meticulously prepared sound works. But over the last years I came to realize that a laptop performance transmits an artist/computer/network situation, rather then a story in sound.

I organized the dkfrf out of curiosity. I wanted to enter a world made out of environmental recordings, a world full of mystery, distance and a sense of exotism: a reality at the other side of the mirror.

Field recordings as an art form opens up to a lot of possibilities. There is manifold expressions. To organize a proper festival one needs time, a staff, a venue and money. Above all, one needs a big talent to administre all possibilities.
And here is the problem. I organize from an artist’s point of view, not as a manager. I try to push boundaries and move to extremes. Maybe that’s why dkfrf has a small audience, and will continue to atract only those few.

Anyway, my next move is into analogue territories. Recordings made on magnetic tape, recordists as racconteurs, who are able to recreate an experience or a fascination in word and sound, sound poets who delve into an intimist world, modern day explorers who come to report in, will be my future guests. Dkfrf will focus on the story rather then on the sonic experience. If this means that it will become more marginal then so be it.

Next edition
will bring the sound poet maudit Romano Krzych, the Babylonean diktaphone/double bass quartet Diktat and the visionaires Rebus and Hars with their tales of the lost and found.

Sucked Orange Gallery
Emserstrasse 91
U8 + S-Bahn Hermannstrasse

Sunday 19 June, from 19.00 onwards

This evening is also a part of the tales for tapes series, initiated by Anton Mobin in Paris. Previous tales for tapes evenings were held In Paris, Berlin and Bruxelles.