22. July – The Tempelhof Hum and other Stories with Seth Cluett – Special Guest: Evapori

A sound of which the Taos Hum is the most notorious inspires people to scientific but also the wildest speculations about its origins. Apparently this sound, also known as “the hum” is heard or felt worldwide.

The picture below can be seen on the website of Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf (in German only). It visualizes the low frequencies they recorded on the Columbiadamm in the immediate vicinity of the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. In their report they combine science with urban myth, and link the humming machines to HAARP in Alaska.

But we at DKFRF also have our specialists. On his visit to Berlin Seth Cluett will investigate the Tempelhof neighborhood. He has the gear to record low frequencies. The results of his research and much more can be heard at Staalplaat Working Space and on Radio Staalplaat.

Before Seth will give a verbal and sonic account of his experiences, a guest from last year’s edition will get a new chance to present his work. Evapori performed at sowieso and between him and me at least two persons know that there was something rotten in the state of the loudspeakers. The sound of squirrels cracking nuts was not intended. Ever since then I have waited for an opportunity to host Evapori again. His preparations are of a too meticulous kind to deny him this chance.

22. July,20.00 hours (CET+1)

Seth Cluett



Flughafenstrasse 38

U8- Boddinstrasse



3 responses to “22. July – The Tempelhof Hum and other Stories with Seth Cluett – Special Guest: Evapori

  1. I am looking forward to this webcast.
    Will there be a chat room for the people listening?

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